The Beggars’ Clan

Be surprised by this illustrious company. The Beggars ran away from daily life and got together to make music. Authentic Irish folk music.

The songs are about drinking, women, and working on the rough sea: the daily life of Irish men. The story goes that The Beggars Clan are the seven descendants of the last people on board on the Irish sailing ship: The Irish Rover. This ship sank in July 1806 and was filled with merchandise!
Heavy storms told us that the crew weren’t sweeties, although you can say they are quite charming.

Thus there Awl Mickey Coote, he has fallen for a beautiful Irish lassie with a Black Velvet Band, which held her long beautiful hair neatly. She was a seductive type. She turned him in for theft she committed and he was severely punished for this. After his release, he renounced women and focused on the illegal distill of whiskey. This all took place in the Hills of Connermara. In the end the police found him ….. and they all got drunk together!

Hogan came from County Tyrone and was an old fisherman. The whole day he could look out over the sea and dream about the afterlife. He mumbled something of Fiddlers Green, a heaven for fishermen; where the fish naturally jumps into the boat and the bottles of rum grow from the trees. Probably he alone survived the measles and the shipwreck of the Irish Rover (and thus the writer of this song). Hogan didn’t have luck at his side during his Greenland Whale Fishers in 1846. During the hunt for a whale 5 fishermen got killed, including Hogan. The captain felt quite sorry, but far more worse: he didn’t catch the whale.

Johnny McGurk was a farm worker and a lounger. Even if he got to work it went wrong! When the boss’s daughter got pregnant Johnny ran off and sang like a Lark in the morning and realized that he was better off drinking beer than chasing women. He didn’t take his responsibility and became a sailor. On inexplicably he has seduced a girl during a brief stop in the harbor, got her pregnant and left her waiting with two children. After that he would spend the nights in sweat and mumbling… Homeboys home.

Slugger O’Toole had only one thing on his mind, getting a bottle and sharing it with the ladies. All for me grog was his sense of life. All his possessions have been spent on liquor. It wasn’t his fault though at birth he didn’t get milk instead his lips were put in a Jar of Porter. Even in his coffin, he’d take a bottle to St. Peter to buy a ticket for a place in heaven.

It was lovely Becky Cooper who came as a surprise to our Clan! There was just one woman who put het on to shame and the name of the dame was Dicey Reilly. With her long beautiful hair we were prepared and when she’s not wit us…..she’s away wi’ the Raggle Taggle Gypsy-o.

Dacy, the southener, lived in the south. She grew up in a house with six huge brothers and a lot of rabbits, the exact number changed often. As a kid she picked up a box and started to play. She started playing in the streets. At first she had a sign: pay me to stop playing. Which was a success. But luckily her play improved and people wanted her to keep playing. One day the circus arrived in town and since music wasn’t paying enough, her brothers sold her. That’s the start of a big adventure which included a lot of Guinness and whiskey. And music of course! After a few years, Hogan and Slugger happened to be in the audience. They were looking for a box player to join The Beggars’ Clan. Although she didn’t really want to leave the elephants, the offer they made was irresistible and so she left the south and joined the Clan.

Whether this all is true …. that you may judge during a live show of the Beggars Clan. Ask them about their lives and they will tell you the truth… and besides that the truth is told trough the Jigs and Reels….

The four and only, forever in our heart:

Fighting Bill Tracey

Barny McGee

Mick McCann


Bless you and yours As well as the cottage you live in.

May the roof overhead be well thatched

And those inside be well matched.